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Response to the COVID-19 from Kelco FCU


At Kelco Federal Credit Union, our greatest concern is the health and safety of our members and employees.  As such, we are closely monitoring the daily developments regarding COVID-19 (coronavirus) and following guidance from federal, state, and local officials.  


Therefore, we have determined it is in the best interest of our members and employees to temporarily close the lobby and operate the “DRIVE-THRU” lanes only.  We will continue to serve our members through the drive-thru lanes from Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  In addition, ATM’s and  an envelope depository is available at the front of the building.  We will check the envelope depository throughout the day and promptly credit any deposits or payments.  Also, our mobile and home banking services are available 24/7. 


Please note that if you need to come inside the office for any reason, contact a loan officer or a member service representative and schedule an appointment. 


We recognize the situation is evolving daily and we are committed to continuing an open channel of communication with our members as new information becomes available.  Our website will remain up-to-date and we will post any changes. 


During this time, we want to remind you to be vigilant against scams, including fraudulent phone calls and text messages.  Kelco FCU will never contact you directly to request account numbers, passwords, debit or credit card numbers, expiration dates, personal information or social security numbers.  If you feel you have received a fraudulent call and are concerned about potential fraud on your account, please contact us immediately. 


Thank you for your understanding as we work through these unprecedented circumstances together.      


Please activate your new "Chip" Debit Card as soon as possible. Your PIN did not change.


Kelco Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1955 as the Credit Union for the Kelly Springfield Tire Company in Cumberland, Maryland. Although Kelly Springfield Tire Company has moved, Kelco Federal Credit Union continues to serve former Kelly Springfield employees in the Tri-State area and has also solicited SEG's-(Selected Employee Groups) as a means of increasing membership. These SEG groups are located primarily in the Tri-State area. Kelco Federal Credit Union is an open Credit Union. All residents of the Tri-State area are eligible to join.


To obtain more information on accounts, services and membership at Kelco Federal Credit Union, call us at 301-777-8100 or fax us at 301-777-2879. We can meet your financial needs today and tomorrow through tailoring products to fit your financial needs.

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